Artist in residence at Titanik Galleria, Turku Finland

I will be in residency at Titanik galleria in Turku, Finland for September and October. During my time there I will develop a new body of works around the theme of amplification which will be presented in an exhibition at the end of October.

“The sound of empty space” a finalist in the FETA prize in Sound Art 2015

The sound of empty space was selected as a finalist in the FETA prize in Sound Art 2015, organized by the Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Art (Miami, FL). Congrats to the winner and fellow finalists!

Click here for a full announcement.

Video interview with Kohlenstoff Records

Here is a little interview I did about my recent album with Kohlenstoff Recordsmemory is the residue of thought. I talk a little bit about my background, inspiration, and process.

The album is still available for purchase at the Kohlenstoff store.

“this machine” reviewed on Disquiet

My recent piece for piano and electronics, this machine breaths to the rhythms of its own heartbeat, is reviewed by Disquiet‘s Mark Weidenbaum.

Some highlights:

“…the voice with which the piece begins — a monologue that serves as the contemporary classical equivalent of the sort of procedural introduction… It lays out the facts, which have the plainspoken quality of the piece’s title, with limited emotion, a distance that lends the everyday a peculiar level of depth and intensity, of foreboding. The music then does those suggested qualities full justice… From there a mix of droning feedback and rarified piano figures alternate, the former no doubt originating in the latter. The result is an exploration of vibrant mechanical activity, from the white noise of strong feedback to the snare-drum-like rattle of open chords to isolated keys that echo like pin drops.”

for the full review, click here.

“memory is the residue of thought” reviewed on A Closer Listen.

A very flattering and thoughtful review of my debut album “memory is the residue of thought” on the blog A Closer Listen. Find the album on Kohlenstoff Records.

some recent press…

A few reviews for several recent projects…

…Contrary to what one might think, sleeping side by side with strangers did not remove the public, which almost exhausted the capacity of the room. Participants began arriving at 23h armed with sleeping bags, blankets and pillows, settling on mattresses scattered around the Casa de Serralves to watch the first moment of the night: Room Dynamics, a piece for sound and 12 incandescent lamps controlled by computer Canadian composer Adam Basanta. Some people were already lying down and eyes closed, others followed spasms of electricity generated games of shadow and new insights regarding the architecture of the house. 
This audiovisual performance functioned almost like a turn off lights, making the transition, by midnight, sleep for the concert led by German musician Christoph Heemann, along with his acolyte Timo Van Luyck.” (Translated with Google translate)

Mariana Duarte, review of “Room Dynamics” at Serralves Museum, Publico Daily Newspaper, Porto, Portugal. October 2, 2014.


“… Also, in several of the musicians is a sense of place and several different ways to relate to it and use it in the performance. In a separate continuation of Music for Lamps, a sound piece and a light installation by Adam Basanta, Julian Stein and Max Stein, plays Adam Basanta in Mimer with a variety of hanging light bulbs. Everyone has the opposite contact speakers attached to it, so that the power supplied to them provides both sound and light. With his work he recreates places, dissolves and creates new spatial units. Later, when I talk to him he talks about how he hangs lights for both the room’s physical attributes as its possible options. He wants people to see new things in the rooms, move the other way.” (Translated with Google translate)

Rebecka Holmström, review of Norberg Festival for Nutida Musik blog. September 9, 2014.

finally, a short mention of me and my work from 24h daily newspaper feature on Eastern Bloc Gallery and Digital Art in Montreal.

…Artistes locaux à surveiller: 
Adam Basanta: artiste audio-visuel à qui ont doit plusieurs installations et performances. Le côté exppérimental est au cœur de sa création.

Marie-Hélène Chartrand for 24h Montreal, October 11, 2014.


Residency at EMS

I will be starting a 2 week residency at the EMS studios in Stockholm, looking forward to developing some new projects!

“when you’re looking for something, all you can find is yourself” awarded honorary mention in the PIARS Sonic Arts Awards.

when you’re looking for something, all you can find is yourself” was awarded an Honorary Mention in the Soundscapes category of the 2014 PIARS Sonic Arts Awards in Rome, Italy. Congrats to the winners, press release here.

“memory is the residue of thought”, solo CD, released on Kohlenstoff Records

Happy to announce my first solo CD: “memory is the residue of thought”, is out now on Kohlenstoff Records.

The CD features my electroacoustic compositions ranging between 2009-2014. It can be purchased from me in person, or online via the Kohlenstoff store.

The cover is based on an art work (cassette tape made of styrofoam) by Hello Jenka, http://www.hellojenka.com/

Invisible Lines wins the 2014 Edith-Russ-Haus Award for Emerging Media Artists

Happy to announce that the collaboration installation  Invisible Lines (Adam Basanta + Julian Stein) won the 2014 Edith-Russ-Haus Award for Emerging Media Artists!

The work will be presented as part of a show at the Edith-Russ-Haus fur Mediakunst, Oldenburg, Germany in September 2014.

“The jury has unanimously decided to present Edith-Russ-Haus Awards for Emerging Media Artists of the Sparda-Bank 2014, each of which includes prize money to the amount of €3,000 and participation in an exhibition, to the following artists:

Adam Basanta & Julian Stein, Invisible Lines, 2013 – Sound installation
Axel Straschnoy, Kilpisjärvellä, 2012 – 4k full-dome film, 17’00” (planetarium)

The work Invisible Lines by the two Montreal-based sound artists and composers Adam Basanta and Julian Stein impressed the jury with the clarity of its uniting an apparent acoustic malfunction (microphone feedback) to become a multilayered sound and spatial composition. In this installation, six speakers and six microphones are situated opposite each other in a fixed order. Using software developed specifically for this purpose, the feedback loops and oscillating processes that are produced are held in a permanently changing yet self-regulating field of tension made up of chaotic structures (instability) and ordered structures (stability). This gives rise to a complex instrument from what is initially a simple arrangement that both plays with the expectations of viewers or listeners and at the same time baffles them in its nearly virtuoso intricacy as a composition.”

— http://www.edith-russ-haus.de/