current / upcoming exhibitions + performances

06.09.17 - 10.09.17//// Variations on a Theme. Gaudeamus Musikweek, Utrecht NL.
15.03.18 - 15.04.18//// Persistent Teenage Gesture. Eastern Bloc, Montreal QC.
25.01.18 - 13.05.18//// A Truly Magical Moment. Inter/Actions. TheMuseum, Windsor ON.
18.01.18 - 25.02.17//// Variations on a Theme. Solo exhibition. Galerie Bon Accueil, Rennes, FR.
01.12.17 - 02.02.18//// A Truly Magical Moment. Post-Fail. Winterthur FotoMuseum, CH.
01.12.17 - 12.01.18//// A Truly Magical Moment. Festival Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica, SLO.
10.11.17//// //// //// //// ////***performance*** Remai Modern Museum, Saskatoon, SK.

past exhibitions

27.10.17 - 29.10.17//// Permafrost. Festival SemiBreve, Braga POR.
07.09.17 - 13.09.17//// Permafrost. Ars Electronica, Linz, AUS.
06.09.17 - 10.09.17//// The sound of empty space. Gaudeamus Musikweek, Utrecht NL.
15.07.17 - 30.08.17//// A Truly Magical Moment. FILE Festival, Sao Paolo, BR.
13.07.17 - 30.08.17//// Triad. Interstices outdoor sculpture exhibition, Gatineau QC.
26.05.17 - 10.09.17//// Curtain (white). Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York Art Gallery, York UK.
28.06.17 - 29.09.17//// A Truly Magical Moment. Usine C, Elektra Festival, Montreal QC.
14.05.17 - 30.07.17//// Curtain (white). Villa Brandolini, Slighetto, Italy. Offsite group show during Venice Bienalle, curated by Lucia Longhi and Sonia Belfiore.
26.04.17 - 21.05.17//// Selected works at European Media Arts Festival (EMAF), Osnabruck, Germany.
22.04.17 - 29.04.17//// Five Lines, Crossing. Student Center Gallery, Zagreb University Center for the Arts, Zagreb, Croatia. Commissined for the 29th Music Bienniale Zagreb.
10.04.17 - 19.05.17//// Variatons on a Theme. Solo exhibition. FOFA Gallery, Montreal QC, Canada.
08.03.17 - 13.05.17//// Pirouette. Ellephant Gallery, Montreal QC, Canada. "Timeless" curated by Christine Redfern.
10.03.17 - 11.03.17//// A Truly Magical Moment. Cut & Splice Festival. Manchester, UK. Curated by Distractfold ensemble.
02.03.17 - 08.04.17//// Message Past Future. Galerie B312, Montreal QC Canada. "Statuer: les figures du socle (partie II)" curated by Emannuel Galland.
08.12.16 - 23.08.16////Mobile (Seoul). Unlanguaged : Seoul. Mullae art space, Seoul, South Korea. Curated by Youjin Jeon.
18.11.16 - 10.11.16//// Room Dynamics (installation + performance). Submerge Festival, Bristol UK.
29.09.16 - 16.11.16//// A Room Listening to Itself. Gallery 1C03, Winnipeg MB Canada. Curated by crys cole.
21.09.16 - 20.12.16//// A Line Listening to Itself. Hedreen Gallery, Seattle Univesity, WA, USA. Curated by Amanda Donnan.
08.09.16 - 06.11.16//// A Truly Magical Moment. New Media Gallery, New Westminster BC Canada. "Witness", curated by Sarah Joyce and Gordon Duggan.
02.11.16//// //// //// //// ////***performance*** Spektrum. Berlin, Germany.
27.10.16 - 30.10.16//// Curtain (white). Lab30 Festival. Augsburg, Germany.
21.10.16//// //// //// //// ////***performance*** 820Plaza. Montreal QC Canada.
13.10.16//// //// //// //// ////***performance*** Vancouver New Music Festival. Orpheum Annex, Vancouver BC Canada.
22.09.16 - 28.10.16//// Listening through a small plastic box. Red Bull Music Academy Exhibition, Centre Phi. Montreal, QC, Canada. Curated by TRUSST.
21.09.16 - 25.09.16//// Sectioning. Art Pop, Ecole des Beux Arts. Pop Montreal Festival. Montreal, QC, Canada. Curated by Robb Jamieson.
25.07.16 - 20.08.16//// A Room Listening to Itself. DK Trehgorka, Moscow, Russia. 5th Moscow Young Art Biennale - parallel program, curated by Sasha Burkhanova.
27.04.16 - 27.07.16//// Message Past Future. Galeria Alarcon Criado, Seville, Spain. "Me Acuerdo..." curated by Jesus Alcaide.
09.06.16 - 30.06.16//// Inversion as a literary device. Solo exhibition. Gallery Skolska28, Prague, Czech Repulic
16.05.16 - 22.05.16//// Pirouette / Message Past Future. Atoll Art Actuel, Victoriaville QC, Canada.
16.05.16 - 22.05.16//// Listening through a small plastic box. Gare Central, Festival International Music Actuelle Victoriaville, Victoriaville QC, Canada.
07.05.16 - 07.05.16//// Pay To Play (The Pitch). TBA. New York, NY. ''Baker's Dozen" curated by CK2 gallery.
21.04.16 - 24.04.16//// Going nowhere fast. Supermarket 2016 Independent Art Fair, MoTA collection. Stockholm, Sweden.
30.03.16 - 21.04.16//// Systems of Listening, Systems for Listening. Solo exhibtion. Nutting Gallery, West Liberty University, WV USA.
07.04.16 - 10.04.16//// Some familiar objects. Solo exhibition. Other Worlds Festival, Ablingdon Studios, Blackpool UK.
07.03.16 - 25.03.16 ////Principle of distance / Message Past Future. Solo exhibition. Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubliana, Slovenia.
02.03.16 - 29.03.16 ////Louder then a beating heart. Solo exhibition. In Sonora 2015 Festival. Swinton and Grant Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
27.02.16 - 28.02.16 ////A Line Listening to Itself. Eastern Bloc. Nuit Blanche 2016. Montreal QC Canada.
12.02.16 - 07.03.16 ////Pirouette. Festival Mois Multi 2016. Avatar Artist Run Centre, Quebec QC Canada.
03.02.16 - 14.02.16 ////The sound of empty space. National Art Center, Tokyo Japan.
21.01.16 - 20.03.16 ////Pirouette. New Media Gallery, New Westminster BC Canada. "OTIC: Systems of Sound", curated by Sarah Joyce and Gordon Duggan.
12.12.15 - 15.01.16 ////A Line Listening to Itself. American Medium Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. "Real things about real things", curated by Daniel Wallace.
04.12.15 - 10.01.16 ////A Room Listening to Itself. Solo exhibition. Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC, Canada.
27.11.15 - 30.01.16 ////
The sound of empty space. Solo exhibition. Carroll / Fletcher Gallery, London UK.
22.10.15 - 25.10.15 ////The loudest sound in the room experienced very quietly. Invisible Dog Art Centre, Brooklyn NY. Curated by CQAM.
19.10.15 - 25.10.15 ////Louder than a beating heart. Solo exhibition. Titanik Galleria, Turku, Finland.
12.06.15 - 13.09.15 ////A Room Listening to Itself. Solo exhibition. The Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe NM.
19.02.15 - 18.03.15 ////The sound of empty space. Solo exhibition. Gallerie B-312, Montreal QC, Canada.


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