“this machine” reviewed on Disquiet

My recent piece for piano and electronics, this machine breaths to the rhythms of its own heartbeat, is reviewed by Disquiet‘s Mark Weidenbaum.

Some highlights:

“…the voice with which the piece begins — a monologue that serves as the contemporary classical equivalent of the sort of procedural introduction… It lays out the facts, which have the plainspoken quality of the piece’s title, with limited emotion, a distance that lends the everyday a peculiar level of depth and intensity, of foreboding. The music then does those suggested qualities full justice… From there a mix of droning feedback and rarified piano figures alternate, the former no doubt originating in the latter. The result is an exploration of vibrant mechanical activity, from the white noise of strong feedback to the snare-drum-like rattle of open chords to isolated keys that echo like pin drops.”

for the full review, click here.

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