Artist Statement

My  work investigates perception – and listening in particular – as an active, participatory, multi-modal activity. I interrogate listening primarily by exploring points of intersection between conceptual and sensorial, psychological and psychophysical, as well as instantaneous and durational dimensions of the listening experience. To this end, I engage in a material approach which integrates sound-producing auditory material with visual-sculptural elements.

My interrogations are often enabled by the audiovisual “re-animation” of simple sound-producing objects or assemblages. I try to “awaken” these objects in a manner that subverts their everyday functions and shifts attention to their performance, their reconfigured individual agencies and group behaviours.

The dynamic behaviour of such objects is spatially distributed, allowing visitors to experience them in relation to their own corporeal movement and durational engagement. In this manner, I hope to engage spectators in a re-examination of both everyday objects and subjective time-based experience from sensorial and conceptual standpoints in a manner which calls into question exclusive definitions of “subject”, “object” and “environment”.

My work is strongly influenced by the cross-pollination of experimental music-composition, visual art, and architecture. By constructing site-responsive architectures in sound, light, and sculpturally exhibited found objects, all of which develop organically in time, I aim to temporally condition three-dimensional sensory environments which encourage extended exploration.

– Adam Basanta, 2014

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